Nora & Simon realized that if you combine the BEST OF BOTH WORLDS and develop new movements, which symbolize power, strength and quickness but also calmness, flexibility and control, you quickly transform your body to become a much more complete athlete.

And therefore they created athleticflow …

athleticflow is a brand new group fitness concept combining the best of both worlds to make you a fitter and more complete athlete. It integrates slow movements to strengthen your balance and increase flexibility while focusing on high intense cardiovascular training elements to shape your body.

athleticflow™ is your way to feel good. Together with the most complete workout to stay fit, healthy and to become a happier person. — athleticflow class is the most complete training you can get. We combine the best of both worlds. Within one class of athleticflow you have both: High-intensity training that brings your heart rate up and a yoga flow that strengthens your stability to make you a more complete athlete. You train cardiovascular to burn fat and tone your body. You will also focus on flexibility, mobility and balance to improve your inner strength. Feel free to contact us and join our revolutionary fitness concept.